miércoles, diciembre 27, 2006

Jwayé Nowël timoun!

It’s Christmas Eve in Haiti.

I had the chance to fly to Gonaives accompanying Edmond Mulet, the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Haiti and current Chief of MINUSTAH. At his initiative, we left the relative comfort of Port au Prince to have lunch with the Argentinean soldiers based in “the city of Independence”, the capital of the Artibonite Department. A visit to a local orphanage and medical center run by the Sisters of Charity, Mother Theresa's Catholic order, was part of the program. The troops have been delivering drinkable water to the nuns for some months but today they had prepared something special: Christmas presents for every children.

It’s always amazing how kids react to presents this time of the year, particularly toys. No need for further explanations.

The nuns are great. They work hard and their kindness is a real
inspiration. I’m not posting the “backstage” pictures… those
corresponding to the HIV positive patients of all ages that are receiving medical treatment and those of the dying that receive dignifying care during their last days. I’m sure you can imagine them.

One powerful image remains: the cradles made of iron construction bars… there’s definitely no room to romanticize poverty.

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Michael Deibert dijo...


I did not know that you had begun posting again. Good to see that you're back!

I have some memories of Gonaives that will always stay with me: Visiting the ciy after Amiot Metayer broke out of jail and interviewing the Cannibal Army, and then again when they became the Front two years later, sleeping on the ground and seeing every star in the sky during Souvenance.

One of Haiti's cities with a most distinct personality, I would say.

Cuida te,